10 Reasons Blogging is Better than Facebook for Technology Marketing

If you’re not blogging you may be missing out on some important business benefits.

The technology industry is full of exciting and thought-provoking information. Why bury it in a social media platform where it will be mixed in with unrelated comments and information? Show off what technology is all about with a blog; you will have more control over what you can show, how you show it, and who sees it. Let Facebook just be a way to distribute your blog posts.

Here are ten important reasons why:

  1. Stability – Facebook is constantly changing, so you are always scrambling to keep up. A blog is self-hosted, so it is stable, consistent and dependable.
  2. Bigger Payoff – Putting the time and effort into supporting a blog with important and valuable information shows you are a thought-leader and knowledgeable in the industry, making you a credible and reliable source that people will return to.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – If you fill your blog with the right phrasing and content, your search ranking improves. Your Facebook page won’t do that.
  4. Long Shelf Life – The content you put on your blog will continue to be found months or years after it has been posted. What you post on your Facebook page can get lost in a mix of unrelated posts, quickly making its way down the news feed and your timeline until it is no longer seen by visitors. That only takes hours.
  5. News Feed – On your blog, anyone and everyone can see what you post, from your first post to your last. Unless visitors are on Facebook around the time you post something it will quickly get missed or forgotten.
  6. Content Hub – A blog is meant as a thought-leadership tool; where conversations about the industry take place and you can show your knowledge. Facebook simply helps distribute that content.
  7. Offer More Value – A blog is a more robust platform that allows for thought-provoking conversations and interesting industry information between like-minded individuals. Facebook “likes”, “comments”, and “shares” are not as beneficial.
  8. More Clicking – When people are on a blog they are more likely to move around the web to gather more information. When people are on Facebook they do not want to click out of it.
  9. Reach Multiple Audiences – RSS feeds, emails, site visitors, and any social networks connected to your blog will help you reach more people. Facebook only lets you reach people who happen to visit your page.
  10. Control – You can do whatever you want with a blog, rather than being stuck in someone else’s platform.
  • What other advantages does blogging have over Facebook? 

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