10 Ways to Improve Your Technology Marketing Webinars

Follow these simple guidelines to improve the efficacy of your webinars.

Webinars are a good opportunity for technology marketers to promote their solutions to a wide audience. It’s easy to overwhelm attendees with information overload and tedious charts, but you can present a dynamic and captivating webinar by incorporating these 10 best practices:

1. Simplify your Registration Page

Potential attendees should quickly understand the benefits of signing up for your webinar and be able to register easily. A branded registration page with imagery and a clear call to action is more engaging than a template page generated from your webinar hosting program.

2. Leverage Social Media

You can generate potential sign ups through Facebook and LinkedIn (via fan pages, groups and events), Twitter, blogs, live events and webinar directories. Facebook and LinkedIn also offer advertising; there is a cost but you reach a highly-targeted audience.

3. Send a Reminder

Webinar promotions typically run for 4-7 days. A simple email reminder to registrants will increase the number of live attendees that you have.

4. Punctuality is Key

Avoid starting late or running long on your webinar. Log in early to ensure all technical details are running correctly. Deliver all of the promised content during the set time frame, and end your webinar on time. You can run longer with an optional Q&A session, which your attendees can opt out of.

5. Take Cues from Your Audience

To make the webinar successful and worth-while for everyone, allow attendees to submit questions before and during the presentation so you can address unclear points and elaborate on covered topics.

6. Keep Things Interesting

No one wants to hear a presenter drone on about highly technical information. Keep things lively with engaging and relatable stories. Change up the visuals on screen with multiple slides and different imagery so attendees have something to focus on.

7. Content is King

When presenting your technology solutions and services, be sure that the information you are presenting is valuable to your audience. You want to present yourself as a knowledgeable resource so that they will want to work with you and attend your future webinars.

8. Next Steps

Be clear in what the “next step” is. You don’t need to be pushy when you provide your call to action, but everyone should be aware of what you want them to do next.

A webinar is like a conversation you are having with friends. To keep their attention you need to be interesting and share something worthwhile, or they will end up texting on their phone mid-presentation or leaving the webinar altogether.

  • Have you hosted a webinar? What did you enjoy most about it? How do you think you can improve your next webinar?

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