12 Intelligent Systems Blogs for Technology Marketing

You’ll find one of these blogs worth following if you’re interested in software, manufacturing, communications or technical skills.

There is a vast world of blogs out there covering all aspects of Intelligent Systems. The challenge is finding content relevant to your technology marketing needs. Here’s a list of 12 Intelligent Systems blogs that I follow on a regular basis. Things in your industry are moving so fast I figured this little collection would be helpful.

I’ve split them into categories so you can keep them organized in your RSS feed if you’re so inclined.

Software and Firmware Specialists

  1. Embedded Gurus: offer perspectives on Embedded developments and Intelligent Systems politics, served up with a snarky attitude only a developer can provide. Their streaming Firmware news feed, from Twitter, keeps on top of the conversation.
  2. Software Safety: has some entertaining items like links to robot battle videos and quotes by Nikola Tesla musing on the existence of energy in the cosmos. Amusement aside, this blog will challenge you with great historical information and future developments.
  3.  VDC Research: is a great source for events and insights about software development tools.
  4. The Embedded Blog: offers a look at Europe’s embedded hardware and software developments. Intelligent Systems know no boundaries and it helps to see what’s happening on the other side of the pond—just remember to brush up on the metric system. 

Electronics Manufacturing

  1. EMT Worldwide: offers a global snapshot of how the industry is being built. Keep up with the latest production developments so your working as efficiently as you can.
  2. Electronic Design Automation Blog: has a compilation of articles on electronic design automation and semiconductors and it often spotlights workflows and applications.

Intelligent Systems in the World

  1. EmbeddedRelated: is a site that rates articles in the field and links to other embedded resources. See if you agree with their ratings.
  2. Embedded Star: is a good source for Intelligent Systems in the mobile and communications space.
  3. EmbeddedDirt: Clearly has a passionate perspective on intelligent systems.

Technical Know-how

  1. ICC Media: analyses and offers reasons for systems integrations throughout the industry.
  2. Open Systems Media: has a great list of events and webinars that are focused mainly on Intelligent Systems architecture.
  3. Sticky Bits: This is an extremely cerebral and technical blog focused on areas of testing and experimentation.

I hope you find a new source for information that’ll help you keep tabs on an industry that is growing like wildfire.

  • Which of these sites do you consider a favorite? Are there any other sites unlisted that you find a useful source of information?

Embedded Gurus, Software Safety, VDC Research, The Embedded Blog, EMT Worldwide, Electronic Design Automation Blog, EmbeddedRelated, Embedded Star, EmbeddedDirt, ICC Media, Open Systems Media, Sticky Bits

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