3 Gamification Techniques to Apply to Your Technology Marketing

Find the best way to connect with your audience on a level they are comfortable with.

Gamification is a relatively new concept, but has been a part of our daily activities more than you might realize. Think about the seller badges eBay gives to reliable sellers or your Mayor status at the local Starbucks on FourSquare. In either example, peoples’ actions and competitive nature pushed them to achieve that status. That same gamification mentality can be applied to marketing. Bring game-like elements into a non-game environment in order to make an experience more engaging.

This is especially useful in the technology industry due to the nature, and the interests of your target audience. It’s right up their alley!

But, I’ve talked about all of this is a previous post (Gamification: Don’t Forget this Component in Your Technology Marketing). I want to give you a few examples of how you can apply gamification to your marketing strategy.

  1. Hashtag Contest – One of the main things around an event or show is posting about it on Twitter. Take Embedded World, for example. There are hundreds of people interacting about the show through Twitter (whether present or not). But you want your company to get more exposure at the show. Create a hashtag contest, giving a discount or freebie to the person who includes your hashtag the most in conversations about the show.
  2. Question and Answer – What better way to create customer engagement than through questions and answers on Facebook? Find a niche you feel comfortable posting about over a long period of time and give them an incentive to answer the questions you post. For example, a plastic surgery practice started true or false posts on Facebook where one person a week who answered correctly received a gift card. It may sound silly, but it’s very appropriate for their industry.
  3. Follow the Breadcrumbs – If you have ever played a video game you know there are levels and achievements you need to reach to unlock new worlds or eventually win the game. The same can be applied to your company’s customer service procedure. If you are working on turning a lead into a customer, why not keep them in the loop on where they stand in the process? Create an interface that shows the steps that need to be completed and where they stand in that process. Your lead will be more intrigued and comfortable with how the deal is being handled.

Take a look at your marketing techniques and figure out a way to add a gamification element that will intrigue and engage your customers.

  • What were your most effective gamification strategies?

Gamification: Don’t Forget this Component in Your Intelligent Systems Marketing

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