3 Lessons from Benjamin Franklin for Technology Marketing

Apply his life-lessons to become a more successful marketer.

We all know Ben Franklin was a famous inventor, writer, publisher, diplomat, and Founding Father of the United States. He was exposed to many different and extraordinary experiences to draw knowledge from. So why not take some of his philosophy and apply it to technology marketing?

It’s all relative, isn’t it? I know that’s Albert Einstein, but it felt so appropriate.

Lesson #1: “well done is better than well said”

In other words, talk less and do more. Just talking about something isn’t going to get it done. Take action and you will start seeing results. This can be applied to technology marketing in many ways. You could have a new marketing strategy you are thinking of implementing or a new product or service you are trying to get noticed. If you don’t actually start doing something, nothing will ever happen. Give it a try and learn from the results.

Lesson #2: “when you’re finished changing, you’re finished”

In other words, don’t fight change. If you do, you will never keep developing and growing, in all aspects of your life. This definitely relates to technology marketing. With the increased popularity of digital, marketing is constantly changing and evolving to keep up. Plus, your work is a complex industry that relies heavily on the ever-evolving state of technology. If you don’t accept that and try to work with it you will be left in the dust.

Lesson #3 “to succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions”

This means seizing opportunities when they arise. Opportunities constantly present themselves in marketing and the technology industry; from a new marketing tactic to a possible client. Never jump to the conclusion that it won’t work or can’t be done. Give yourself the chance to think “what if”. It could be a worth-while opportunity.

Ben Franklin found ways to enrich our lives through his inventions, his leadership, and his life-lessons. What is it to say he can’t keep enriching our lives in new and different ways? Hey, look how successful they made him!

  • What motto or word of advice do you apply to your technology marketing? How has it helped you with your successes?

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