3-Step Lead Generation Process for Technology Marketing

This process will help you generate leads, generate awareness, and generate business for your company in a way that is easy to implement.

Lead generation marketing is one of the best ways to build new business relationships with decision makers in your field. The trick is figuring out 1) how to find them, and 2) how to turn them into clients.

Sponsoring webinars and emails, thinking outside-the-box, and nurturing your leads is a simple, useful and effective process you can follow to generate business for your company. Below I explain how each step works in helping you find those leads and turn them into clients.

  1. Sponsorships: If a publication, for example: Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times), is running a webinar or email campaign this is the perfect opportunity to gather leads in your field and start generating awareness for your company. The recipients of publication-based marketing have requested to receive the industry information (an opt-in list), meaning your marketing is being seen by a more qualified audience. The contact information of any of those opt-in recipients who attends the webinar or clicks on your marketing in the email will be provided to you. Instant leads and awareness!
  2. Think outside-the-box: Now you have compiled a list of leads from the sponsorships and have already begun to make them aware of your company. Next step is to send them something they won’t forget! The best way to figure out what to send them is to decipher what it is they need help with and how exactly you can help them. Rather than send them a simple postcard with a clever headline, send them a 3-D object that represents their problem or your solution. Be creative and make an impact!
  3. Nurture them: Ok, so you have the leads and you have made an impression on them at least twice. Calling them is no longer cold, it’s warm. Take this opportunity to follow up on the sponsorship and the outside-the-box idea you sent them with a phone call. Ask them what interested them about the webinar, and whether or not the 3-D object caught their interest. Then, to nurture the relationship you are building, continue to send relevant information on a regular basis. It could be whitepapers, invitations to webinars you are hosting or seminars you are speaking at, or emails containing information about your product/service. You want to keep your company in front of them and remind them of your expertise and involvement in the industry while you turn them from a lead to a client.

Following this 3-step process will make the daunting task of gathering new leads and turning them into clients feel attainable, and even a little fun. Go get ‘em!

  • What other useful tactics have you implemented to generate more leads and awareness for your company?

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