3-Step Video Strategy for Technology Marketing

If you want your company and products to be found online, you need to add a video strategy to your marketing plans.

Ever since Google began it’s move to Universal Search in 2007, videos have become a mainstay, if not a dominant player, in search results. As a matter of fact, according to Krystal Temple, smart tech writer for Intel’s “InsideScoop”  blog, in just one internet minute, 30 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and 1.3 million videos are watched. That’s an astounding argument for B2B video marketing. By the way, Google owns YouTube, very convenient don’t you think?

Here are 3 steps for developing a video strategy for Technology Marketing:

1. Develop a strategy that will help you hit your marketing goals.

It’s important to determine what you want your audience to learn from the video and what you want them to do afterwards. Different marketing goals call for different strategies:

  • Brand Awareness: If it’s brand awareness you’re after, make sure the video is entertaining and compelling enough for people to share with others.
  • Events: If it’s for an event, it needs to be as dramatic as a movie trailer.
  • Sales: If it’s for sales support, say for a particular product, there needs to be a balance between education and entertainment…or edutainment if you prefer.

In each case, you must simplify your message enough so the viewer walks away with an understanding of your business. You’re not selling sugar-water to teenagers. I’ve dealt with projects that involve real-time, Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) so I know how easy it is to get lost in the details.

2. Create videos with your marketing objectives and goals in mind.

This is when the rubber meets the road. Whether you’re creating a single video or a series of videos, it’s important to plan them out in accordance with your marketing goals and objectives.

Not only do you have to think like an technology marketer, you have to think like a movie director. While video production has gotten easier with free editing apps, creating a compelling storyline and visual language are difficult.

I’m not talking about exporting a PowerPoint presentation with bouncing words. I’m talking about bringing video footage, custom animation, a voiceover and music together. Video production costs have been dropping over the years so you may want to bring in outside help at this juncture, it may not cost as much as you think.

Many of your viewers will be using their smartphones or tablets to watch your video so make sure they are optimized for mobile platforms.

Also, keep your brand in mind when developing videos. The script and visuals need to follow your brand standards. I’ve seen too many videos created without the brand and it defeats the whole purpose. Avoid being generic.

3. Implement a deployment system that is easy to manage.

You’ll want to distribute and promote your videos across a number of social medial channels like YouTube, Facebook, as well as, your website, e-marketing, Twitter feed, etc. in order to generate views.

There are a plethora of software solutions available so take the time to research your options. You’ll want to look for features like:

  • One-click distribution to all you channels
  • Real-time view tracking
  • Conversation monitoring
  • Robust reporting

Find the right system and you’ll minimize the amount of time you’ll have to spend managing this process.

Follow these 3 steps and your Technology Marketing videos will be a hit with your audience and your superiors.

  • What tips can you share in regards to creating an effective video that correlates to your brand? 

Click on the following link to read Krystal’s entire article, “What Happens in an Internet Minute?”

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