3 Tips to Avoid the Spam Filter for Technology Marketing

Using unique subject lines, keeping your design clean, and being added to address books will help you reach your customer’s inboxes, not land you in spam “jail.”

Digital marketing, specifically email marketing, is imperative in today’s advertising climate. However, with such mass usage and popularity comes much need for protection. Email marketing is not only one of the easiest, most effective ways to send a message to customers, but is also one of the most common ways to get spam and unwanted advertising. Filters and walls have been put in place to protect innocent customers from getting these unwanted, possibly harmful, emails. That means certain measures need to be taken to simplify your email marketing design and messaging so you don’t get caught too.

Below are three tips you should follow to help keep your Technology Marketing emails out of spam folders and into the inboxes of your customers.

  1. Make subject lines unique, not ‘salesy’. Spam filters are told to look for consistent trigger words that hint at the email trying to sell something. Create subject lines that are unique – for example, using your company name – and avoid words that sound like a sale – cheap, congratulations, income, save, shop, promo, guarantee, to name a few. To get started, check out Emma’s handy guide to creating effective, unique subject lines. Emma is a popular, insightful email marketing service (I’ve been using it for years) and a great source for email marketing support.
  2. Design cleanly and simply. Spam filters are always on the lookout for emails that have a “loud” design. Stay away from background colors, large or unusual fonts, too many URLs, and including more than two graphics. You are not only running the risk of these emails getting caught in the filters, you are running the risk of the fonts being unreadable and the graphics not even showing up.
  3. Ask recipients to add your email address to their address books. This is the golden ticket to landing in your customers’ inboxes. By adding an email address to your address book you are stating that you have no problem receiving emails from that person (or company). Include a section in your email suggesting the recipient add you to their address book, that way you are ensuring your message gets through the spam filters, no matter what other spam rules you may be breaking.

Review your previous emails and see if they follow these three tips. If you can write unique subject lines, create a simple email design, and ask your recipients to add you to their address books you can feel comfortable your email is reaching inboxes.

  • How else can you make your e-mail marketing efforts cleaner and more personable to your recipients?

Emma’s 10-step tutorial to memorable subject lines

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