3 Ways LinkedIn Can Generate Awareness for Your Technology Marketing

LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform for marketing your company on a professional level, so take advantage of it!

LinkedIn is typically thought of as a job searching, job posting kind of social media channel. The trick is realizing the potential LinkedIn holds for marketing your technology company. LinkedIn is a key player in reaching your ultimate audience and provides useful tools that can help your company get noticed in the technology industry.

These tools include:

Company Profile. LinkedIn lets you populate some detailed information about your company. These details include what your company does, where your company is located, what your company offers, who works for your company, and any links connected to your company, like your website or a blog. How does this generate awareness? Connecting to employees lets you appear on their profiles, being descriptive about what you do and where you are located makes you easier to find, and including links increases your SEO (Google likes LinkedIn links). In other words, you should try to be as detailed as possible on your profile page because every detail connects you to the 120 million people LinkedIn database in some way.

Recommendations. I mentioned that you can highlight what your company offers. That means you can actually include images and descriptions of all the products or services your company offers. How does this generate awareness? Other LinkedIn users can recommend your products or services. It’s the equivalent of someone “liking” something on your Facebook page. This increases the popularity of your product or service through the LinkedIn channel. Furthermore, you can make recommendations on other company or user profiles, extending your reach and awareness.

Groups. LinkedIn also has a thriving Groups feature, where like-minded individuals can come together to discuss things based around a certain topic or industry. How does this generate awareness? There are groups based around the technology industry. By becoming part of those groups and commenting in them people will take notice of you and become interested in your company. You can also create your own group and invite other users.

That is only grazing the surface of what LinkedIn has to offer in the area of marketing. Keep an eye out for other LinkedIn related posts and how they can enhance your technology marketing.

  • Have you utilized your LinkedIn tools? If so, which tools were most useful in engaging your company’s audience?

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