3 Ways to Improve Your Technology Marketing Content

Finding ways to make your content more interesting and visual to your audience will make it more effective.

We can all agree high-quality content is important, specifically in the technology industry where detail is everything. We can also agree that creating high-quality content is anything by quick and easy. Finding ways to streamline the content you present is imperative if you want it to be successful and timely.

Here are a few simple ways you can improve the content, making your job a little easier and the content a bit more intriguing.

  1. Use a Quote or Fact. What is more impactful than a dramatic fact about something you can relate to? For example, “10 billion computer chips are destroyed by hammer each year.” Ok, so I don’t think that is true, but nonetheless it probably would have sparked your interest if it was. Facts are a great way to grab the attention of your reader or segway into a specific topic. The same is true for quotes. Find a quote that tugs on the emotional or inspirational heartstrings of your readers and they will want to keep reading.
  2. Visuals. I am a visual learner. Converting text into a chart, a drawing, etc. can not only make your content look more interesting, but it will make the content more receptive. I specifically like the use of infographics. They add an artistic, creative element to the content that makes it more impactful. Directions is a perfect example of using a visual. Giving someone directions verbally will get them through the next couple turns before they forget or get confused and have to stop again. Giving them a map with the route outlined and they are good-to-go.
  3. Examples. I feel one of the best ways to learn or understand something is through a clear example. If you can slip an example or two into your content it is more likely your message will be received the way you want it to. I slipped two examples in this article alone, and I bet they helped you understand the content a bit better.

These three tactics are sure to make your content more interesting and effective. If you want more, I would check out HubSpot’s article by Corey Eridon, “8 Ways to Instantly Improve the Quality of Your Marketing Content.”

What do you feel is the best way to improve your content marketing?

Hubspot: 8 Ways to Instantly Improve the Quality of Your Marketing Content

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