3 Ways to Utilize StumbleUpon for Technology Marketing

StumbleUpon has created a fun, easy, and interesting way to discover related content, connect with like-minded users, and market your technology company.

As we all know, the internet has become an endless abyss for information; the technology industry included. The trick is figuring out an easy way to sift through the endless information and find what you need. StumbleUpon helps you do that.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine. When you create a profile and designate the topics you’re interested in, StumbleUpon will let you quickly discover, follow, and market technology content. One way to do this is by “stumbling” through the internet. Click on the “stumble” button and StumbleUpon will bring you to websites that relate to the topics in your profile. The more you stumble, the more websites you will see. The other way is through your profile. Log on to your StumbleUpon profile and StumbleUpon will pull up sites that fit each of your topics. Plus, every time you refresh or log in again new content will show up.

But what does this have to do with marketing? You can utilize StumbleUpon to discover, follow, and market for your technology company.

  1. Discover: StumbleUpon has a database of channels, followers, and websites related to technology. Start stumbling to find the channels, followers, and websites you feel will benefit your company the most and connect with them. How do you do that – through your profile you can search channels. Click to follow the channels and other users who follow those channels. And by stumbling you will come across websites you like; just click the thumbs-up button in your tool bar. Everything will be stored in your profile.
  2. Follow: StumbleUpon will help you find information you may not have found through a regular Google search. Stumbling will bring up loads of information about the technology industry; insightful blogs you can start following and commenting on, industry news giving you the competitive edge to react quickly, and even valuable information about your competition. The beauty of StumbleUpon is you never know what you are going to find, but you may be surprised by how helpful and interesting it is.
  3. Market: The users can add websites to the database. That means you can add your company website(s) yourself and others will start stumbling onto it. Just make sure you are specific in the information and keywords you use so it gets connected to the right topics in StumbleUpon’s database.

Make a profile and start stumbling! It may be the most marketing fun you ever have!


Photo Credit: another.point.in.time via photopin cc

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