4 Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Your Technology Marketing

Responsive web design will make your site more engaging and effective.

Responsive web design allows you to create a site that will automatically adjust its layout to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The world has gone digitally crazy! We rely on our computers, tablets and smartphones for pretty much everything we do on a daily basis. And marketers have caught on. It is imperative you stay current with digital technology marketing trends or you will be left in the dust.

A great way to do this is through responsive web design. Here are some benefits to your technology company if you make your site responsive.

  1. It’s universal. By making your site responsive you automatically have a site ready for computer viewing and mobile viewing, so you don’t have to worry about creating separate websites for each platform.
  2. Less maintenance. With only one site you have less to maintain. If you had a mobile site and a main site you would have to update both, but with a responsive site you only have to do the changes once. Less stress on you.
  3. Streamline your content. People have short attention spans and, consequently, have become accustom to instant gratification. This means your content needs to get to the point and fast or you will lose their interest. A responsive site pushes you to cut down your content so it is readable on all platforms, in essence making your content more valuable. Streamline your content by thinking mobile first; figure out what the most important information you want to come across is and highlight it. You can work backwards for the main site, where you will have more room for the site to expand and fill in.
  4. Easy navigation. That short attention span spills over into your site navigation. If people can’t quickly navigate your site they will lose interest. And, on mobile sites you have less space to allow for navigation, so it needs to be clear. By designing your site with mobile usage in mind the navigation needs to be simplified, making the site easier, more engaging and effective.

The technology industry is in a surge right now and you need to keep up. Your website is an essential way of providing information to clients and prospects, so it needs to work seamlessly. You never know when and where people are looking at it.

  • In what other ways can you make your web design more responsive to the changes in technology?

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