4 Reasons to Utilize Tumblr for Technology Marketing

Tumblr makes it easy to display your content and gain a following that can generate business for your company.

The way we share ideas, content, images, our companies, and almost anything else that occurs in our day-to-day lives has become web-centric. There are a multitude of platforms and websites out there for interacting and connecting. Here’s an overview of tumblr.

Tumblr is simply a micro-blogging platform that lets you share text, photos, quotes, links, music, videos, etc. Just like any other social media platform, you create an account (a profile) and start posting. The site (your profile) is responsive, for easy viewing no matter what device. Plus, there is no programming involved.

Beyond that, there are some other major reasons why you should consider tumblr as a means for marketing to the technology industry.

  1. Creative Audience. One thing I really like about the technology industry is the creativity and endless possibilities it holds. I think the tumblr audience would agree with me. Tumblr tends to draw a creative audience, interested in design, arts, humor, etc., and tends to be 30 years or younger. This is a vibrant, up and coming in the world audience that no doubt will be affected by the growing technology industry. IBM realized this potential; take a look at their page.
  2. Easy Maintenance. Tumblr lends itself to shorter, more image based posts, rather than more detailed posts seen on traditional blogs. This should make it much easier to maintain your profile. Think about how you can share your company and products/services in a visual way and on a regular basis.
  3. Get Exposed. Like any other social media platform, you are able to “like” and “reblog” other posts. By doing so you show up as part of that post chain. This will help you and your profile get noticed with the technology audience. Also remember to link all of your original posts back to your profile, that way no matter how many times it may be reblogged your profile will always appear in the link.
  4. Connect Profiles. Tumblr makes it easy to connect your posts to other social media platforms. That will help to extend your followers/audience beyond tumblr.

The one thing to keep in mind if you are considering a tumblr account is to hone in on a specific niche. If you go in thinking you will conquer the whole technology industry it probably won’t work. Find a niche you feel comfortable in and can handle on a daily basis.

Are you considering a tumblr account? What success have you had with a tumblr account?

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