4 Reasons You Must Include Lists in Your Technology Marketing

It’s human nature to want to read a list; market that!

When I started this blog, one of the main styles of writing I wanted to focus on was using lists to convey the information. Why? Simply put, lists simplify the information and make you focus on the main ideas.

And, as you can see, 95% of my posts have some sort of list in them.

That idea didn’t just pop up out of thin air. There is some very specific human behavior that proves we are a list-loving world. Below are 4 reasons why you also need to use lists in your marketing initiatives.

  1. Calming the chaos. We work in the technology industry. Our products/services are complex, to say the least. Ask your audience to read your solution sheet and they may run for the hills. Simplify it for them. People are more comfortable with structure and order. Take the complexity of what your company does or the message you are trying to get across and organize it. You will make it much easier for them to understand and react to.
  2. Save time. Our time is precious these days. Finding open time can be hard to come by. Asking your audience to block out a chunk of time to read your research study and you will get nowhere fast. With the multitasking lifestyles we live, we only have so much brainpower to provide. Make it easy for them to review without breaking their workflow. Breakdown that research study into short, summarized lists and your audience can quickly review and react to it.
  3. Easy to remember. I still remember lists I used in high school and college. Our minds find it much easier to remember lists that simplify information, rather than paragraphs from textbooks. Same applies to your marketing content. Your audiences’ brain will have a much easier time reconciling what you were marketing if you put it in a list. Meaning they will remember you when your services become needed.
  4. There is an ending. Ever pick up a book, start reading and then find yourself counting how many pages are left in the chapter? Well, we like the comfort of knowing what we are getting ourselves into. A short list is much less intimidating than a 10 page whitepaper. Meaning you have a much higher chance of your audience reading what you are presenting to them.

We love reading and sharing lists. Our obsession with lists has even taken to the creation of such sites as Listverse and Buzzfeed, which present content to their audiences in list form. Take this as proof that you need to try lists in your next marketing campaign.



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For over 20 years, as a partner of thinkdm2, a digital branding and marketing agency, I have helped simplify marketing for many clients. Intelligent Systems can be quite complicated, and marketing them even more so. I enjoy making the complex simple. My blog, Simplexity, is an attempt to put my experience to use for Intelligent Systems Marketers.

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