4 Rules to Creating Effective Surveys for Technology Marketing

Finding the right structure and content for your survey will help you yield the responses and information you need.

Surveys are an excellent tool for the technology industry; letting you gather useful information on your products or services, keep tabs on your customer service, and even learn what your potential customers need.

“Surveys are strong feedback mechanisms that can help marketers draw valuable insights from their communities—which can then be used to achieve better marketing results.” – Magdalena Georgieva, HubSpot

The concern is the tendency people make to pass right over the survey. In most cases, people feel they do not have the time or don’t feel it is important. This is where your survey design comes into play. You need to find the best way to structure, display, and implement your survey so people feel inclined to provide their feedback.

Here are some helpful techniques you can follow to build a survey that will deliver results and help your business, as explained through a customer service example.

  1. Short and Simple. People feel their time is limited. Make the respondent feel the time it will take to fill out your survey will not be overwhelming or wasted. Keep the questions straightforward, concise, and don’t ask too many. For example, in a customer service survey, ask “was your issue resolved?” and “how satisfied were you with the result?” as separate questions, rather than compounding them into one, which you may be inclined to do.
  2. Make it Flow. If your questions jump from one topic to the next you will confuse your respondent. Start with a broader question to introduce the topic, and then narrow down to more detailed questions. Then move to the next topic. For example, start with “what was the issue you needed to solve?” then drill down to “have you had this issue before?”
  3. Be Descriptive. Stay away from questions that focus directly on an emotion, like happiness. Emotions are measured differently by each person so your answers may be skewed. Instead, focus on the descriptive words that may evoke happiness. For example, if your survey is a follow-up to customer service support ask “how helpful was your customer service rep?” and “was the problem resolved?” rather than “how happy were you with the result?”
  4. Offer an Incentive. Nothing is better at yielding a result than offering the respondent a reward or incentive. For example, a gift card or a discount on a next purchase.

Don’t stray away from surveys because you think they won’t work. If you create them the right way they will!

  • Has your company recently surveyed its customers? What are some extra survey tips you use to gain successful feedback?

How to Craft the Right Questions for Your Next Marketing Survey – Magdalena Georgieva, HubSpot

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