4 Simple, and Fun, Ways to Create Impactful Technology Marketing Presentations

Figure out the optimal way to organize and display your information to captivate and educate your audience.

Whether you are pitching your technology product to a prospect, reviewing your company’s goals and objectives for the year, or motivating your team, a presentation is a necessary component.  However, you probably don’t think of creating an impactful presentation as a piece of cake.

Fortunately, you are not alone in that concern. There are rules, platforms, even apps to help conquer the dreaded presentation. Below I have listed a few of those rules and platforms. Try applying one of them to your next presentation to hopefully simplify the time and effort needed.


  • The 30/20/10 rule by Guy Kawasaki. This simply means your presentation should use 30 point type, should run no longer than 20 minutes, with no more than 10 slides. The objective of this model is to keep the detailed information off the slides. The slides are meant to be main points that you elaborate on. People should focus on you, not your slides.
  • The 7×7 rule by Microsoft. This simply means no more than 7 words across and 7 lines down on one slide. This will also help to minimize the content you put on the slides and ensure it is large enough to read from any distance. I’m not fond of this much content on a slide, but it is a real world guideline.

Design Platforms:

  • Haiku Deck. A free iPad app, Haiku Deck is a new exciting option for creating beautiful, impactful presentations. Through their template, Haiku Deck keeps it simple by limiting your text and focusing each slide on one idea. You can pick from full-bleed photos, themes, filters, and formatting to help you put together a killer presentation in a fun and easy way.
  • Prezi. Remember those brainstorm webs you were taught to use in middle school? They helped you organize your thoughts and visualize how information connected. Prezi is the presentation form of that, enabling people to see, understand, and remember your ideas. Prezi does a great job of making the information visually stimulating with their “zooming” capability. Rather than flipping through slides, your presentation is a giant web that you zoom in and out of to focus on specific things.

What I think many people do not realize, and therefore do not optimize, is how PowerPoint was truly designed. You will find many people want to cram all the information on the slides, so it can be used as a takeaway after the presentation. Take advantage of the notes section that sits under each slide. This is where you can put the detailed information you will use during the presentation and what can be used as a reference in the takeaway.

30/20/10 Rule

7 x 7 Rule

Haiku Deck


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