4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Twitter Efforts for Technology Marketing Success

Understanding the basics of Twitter as a marketing tool will quickly boost the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

Social media has become a major facet for technology marketing. In b-to-b it is even being seen as the most popular marketing tactic, as reported by the Content Marketing Institute. Think about it, it’s basically free to use and readily available to you, your entire company, and your audience. Why wouldn’t it be?

The catch, social media can be difficult to get a successful handle on, especially Twitter. I have compiled a list of simple ways you can boost your efforts on Twitter to ensure success. Making sure you follow these tactics will bring you closer to your social media marketing goals.

  1. Find the posting sweet spot. If you post too often you may annoy your audience and they will stop following you. Post too little and you will go unnoticed among the slew of other posts your audience may be seeing. Posting around 8-10 times a day is a comfortable amount. That is once an hour in a basic work day.
  2. Are your posts worth it? Your posts should be interesting and worth your followers’ time. Your Twitter followers are following you because they are interested in what you do and what you have to say. Having a stable content marketing strategy to post about is essential. Plus, your content is more likely to be retweeted or responded to if the content is noteworthy, extending your Twitter reach and recognition.
  3. It’s not just about you. What you do on Twitter shouldn’t always be about the posts you are putting on your own page. Don’t forget about what is happening on other Twitter pages. There is a whole technology community out there, engage with them. Take the time to retweet and comment on other posts. This will not only extend your reach and recognition but will keep your own profile from getting too stagnant with your own content marketing.
  4. Maintain a targeted audience. The people following you are so important to the success of your efforts. You want your posts to be seen by the people it matters to, the people who will interact with you, and the people who can make decisions. Be sure to spend sufficient time researching who to follow on Twitter, that way they will follow you back.

Taking the time to follow these 4 tactics will help to make your Twitter page and Twitter presence stronger and more successful.

What have you found to be a useful tactic for maintaining your Twitter profile?

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