4 Tactics to Consider for Technology Marketing to Women

You may not realize, but women account for a large part of your customer base. Understanding how to market to them should help you convert sales.

Did you know?

  • Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care (She-conomy)
  • Women spend about $5 trillion annually, over half of the U.S. G.D.P. (She-conomy)
  • 91% of women said that advertisers don’t understand them (She-conomy)

These are some pretty significant percentages. Clearly, women have a large impact on the purchases that are made and they are not being marketed to correctly.

Think about it; we work in technology marketing, whether your new embedded thermostat or car-starter gets purchased may have a lot to do with what women think.

Let’s look at a few tactics you can use to simplify your marketing, so you hit your women audience with the right message.

  1. Throw stereotyping out the window. Let’s collectively get our minds out of the stereotypical woman persona – cooking and cleaning all day, getting dressed up, fashion, make-up, shoes, etc. We know this isn’t how they are perceived in today’s world. Woman today are about strength and independence; they want to see themselves in a positive, impactful role. Your marketing should reflect that.
  2. Know how the woman affects the purchase. Women are taking a more persuasive, opinionated role when it comes to purchases. Let’s say your product is geared more towards men, like an electronic shaver. Think about how your product can benefit the woman and market that way. They could have a strong impact on the product their man purchases.
  3. Bulk messaging may not work. Yes, women are taking a more impactful role in decision-making, but that does not mean how they think or come to those decisions are the same as men. Keep in mind that you may need to market two different messages (benefits) – one to men and one to women to cover your bases.
  4. But focusing on design may work. Something that can bring men and women together when it comes to decision-making is design, practicality, and functionality. If you are marketing the sleek design, beautiful colors, easy interface, etc. you may be able to market the same message to both men and women. You should consider how your imagery will reflect the gender-neutral message though.

I think there is a perception that labels “technology is for men.” That’s not true, and if you think that way you are going to lose out on a lot of sales. Next marketing campaign think “what does my product have to with women” and try a new angle!

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