4 Techniques for Creating the Perfect Tagline for Technology Marketing

Coming up with the right tagline will help your Company build brand awareness and connect with your audience.

A tagline is easily one of the most memorable parts of your marketing and brand identity. Take McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ it.” Comes to mind right away, doesn’t it? Well, it also does an excellent job of representing McDonald’s brand – people love the food, love the family and friend time, love what they do for the community, etc. People associate McDonald’s with a fun, loving experience. Their tagline is arguably a big reason why they are so successful.

Taglines stay with you long after a commercial has ended, an email has been deleted, and a blog post has been read. You want that tagline to not only have an impact on your audience enough for them to remember it, but also send the right message. Plus, when you don’t have the marketing budgets McDonald’s may have to repeat that tagline at every marketing opportunity until you hear it in your sleep, you really want to impress.

Here are 4 techniques you can use when drafting your company tagline.

  1. Play On Words. There is something to be said about being clever in your tagline. It’s not easy, but when done right can really stick. In this technique, you want to look at well-known phrases or related works and see how you can spin them.

    • Look sharp, feel sharp – Gillette (this has a nice double-meaning too)
    • Kid-tested. Mother-approved – Kix
    • Inspiration comes standard – Chrysler
  2. Literal. Just the opposite of #1; get right to the point. Focus on the actual benefit your product or service provides.

    • Melts in your mouth, not in your hand – M&M’s
    • What’s In Your Wallet? – Capital One
    • The king of beers – Budweiser
    • Betcha can’t eat just one – Lay’s Potato Chips
  3. Emotional. There is nothing more impactful than strumming those emotional heartstrings. An emotional tagline can not only help connect you with your audience, but can help motivate your audience to act.

    • Just Do It – Nike
    • Share moments. Share life. – Kodak
    • When you care enough to send the very best – Hallmark
  4. Unexpected Pairings. Another way to make that tagline stand out it to throw your audience something they may not be expecting. The means putting unlikely words together.

    • The relentless pursuit of perfection – Lexus (alliteration works too!)
    • Imagination at work – General Electric
    • The ultimate driving machine – BMW

Coming up with a tagline can be a fun, enlightening experience for your company. So take these techniques into your next brainstorm and see what you come up with. You may surprise yourself!

Check out this list of taglines for some inspiration, or simply to see how many you know: http://www.taglineguru.com/sloganlist.html.

Photo Credit: Astrid Kopp via photopin cc

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