4 Tools for Finding, Reviewing, and Sharing Great Technology Marketing Content

The internet and social media have made it easy to share information with others and easy for others to find the information they are looking for. Or so we think…

Do a Google search for something specific and you will get a slew of helpful results. You go through and pick the one you are comfortable with and move on. But what about those times when you are simply on the internet to see what’s going on in the industry? You want to see what’s trending, what’s popular, what you can contribute to, etc. That’s not exactly an easy Google search anymore, is it?

Fortunately, with the right tools, you can simplify how you review information by making it come to you. Below I have listed and explained four tools to help you find, review, and share great content.

  1. Digg Reader – I wanted to talk about Google Reader here, but sadly Google Reader is being disbanded. Fortunately, Digg is stepping up to the plate to introduce their own reader platform. While it is not available yet, Digg hopes to identify and rebuild the best of Google Reader’s features as well as advance them to fit the Internet of 2013. Digg wants to make the content shared in social communities easier to gather and digest. Keep an eye out!
  2. Feedly – a news aggregator for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. Feedly prides itself on being “a better reader” for blog and website content. The nice thing about Feedly is you don’t need RSS Feeds, just tell it what websites and blogs you like.
  3. Newsle – a web app that finds and sends you articles in the news about you, your friends, and anyone that interests you. This is a great way of staying on top of you, your company, your competitors, your role models, the technology industry’s influencers, etc. You want to see how you and your company are being portrayed as well as what is important in the industry.
  4. Scoop.it – a power publishing platform, Scoop.it helps you find content from your favorite topics, and creates online magazines that you can share. Why I like Scoop.it is because it helps you be a thought-leader and shows you are on top of trending ideas and information. It is also a great way to pass along content to your employees.

With these tools you can see what is popular and what pertains to you and your company, making you a more efficient employee and leader and hopefully helping your company find how to apply itself in the industry and be successful.

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