4 Ways PURLs Can Enhance Your Technology Marketing

PURLs are an engaging addition to any marketing strategy.

A PURL (personal URL) is a custom URL assigned to a specific person; for example, a URL that contains a person’s name (www.YourCompany.com/JohnDoe).

With the boom in the technology industry, your possible clients are being bombarded with marketing trying to get their business. You need to find a way to break through that clutter and make your marketing strategy stronger. Recipients who see their name on a marketing piece will take more interest in it, giving you more awareness. The marketing piece feels more personal; not just another mass produced message being seen the same way by thousands of people.

Let’s look at a few applications for PURLs that can revive and elevate your technology marketing to make it more successful.

  1. Online and offline can work together. Digital is definitely overpowering print as a vehicle for marketing, but with a PURL you can jumpstart your print piece. When people see a print piece with personalized content they may be that much more inclined to check it out.
  2. Easy to use. One snag you may come across in digital is long, unmanageable URLs that destroy the ascetics of any design and are practically impossible to type into a browser, unless you use a program that shortens URLs. PURLs, on the other hand, are automatically organized, easy to read, and easy to type. Plus, they are easy to remember.
  3. Sharing. With a PURL you can affect a recipient on a more personal, emotional level. The content may feel more important to them or more interesting to pass on. Therefore, you are not only going to hit the recipient, but the recipient may pass it along; for example, through social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or through email, text, or IM. Your content will spread exponentially. SquareTrade ran an incentive based PURL campaign to 18,000 recipients. With the ability to easily share the link the campaign brought in 60,000 shares and $100,000 in sales (read full case study).
  4. Tracking. With the advancements in metrics and site analytics you are now able to track who comes to your website and how. What better way to do this than through a PURL. You will directly see who came to your, as well as, how many people they shared it with.

Let’s be honest, you are planning to include a URL in your marketing strategy anyway, why not make it personal with a PURL?

  • What are some key points in coming up with a simple yet efficient PURL?

SquareTrade Case Study

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