5 Apps to Increase Productivity of Your Technology Marketing

There are apps out there for everything – even ones that will make a marketer’s life easier and more organized.

Millions of apps have been created; from business to entertainment and everything in between. Fortunately for marketing, that means there are a slew of apps that can be utilized to your benefit. The challenge is finding the ones that are most useful for you. How many times have you downloaded an app with the best intentions of it being worthwhile and it falls flat?

Finding the right app will help you be productive, no matter where you are or what time it may be. I have listed below 5 apps I feel will let you be successful in your technology marketing initiatives.

  1. Evernote – one of the most organized apps I have ever come across, Evernote makes it easy for you to take and store your notes and ideas. You never know when a big idea will spark – this app is always ready for you. Plus, Evernote can be accessed from mobile or desktop and is always synced.
  2. Trello – this is a great app for organizing all your tasks and keeping track of them. What I really like about the app is you can create teams, giving you the ability to share and delegate tasks. Having an app that can keep track of everyone’s status will help you manage your projects better.
  3. GoToMeeting – I use GoToMeeting on a regular basis in my office – from simple conference calls, to idea pitches. It’s easy to share and collaborate on ideas that way. And now that they have a mobile app, you do not have to be attached to a desktop. This makes working more flexible and responsive.
  4. Taskforce – email can be overwhelming, especially when viewing on a mobile device. It’s too easy to skim through your email and forget all the things you need to do. Taskforce helps to convert your emails right into tasks without even leaving your inbox, so you never forget to do something.
  5. VoiceAssistant – talking is the fastest way to express your thoughts and ideas. VoiceAssistant will convert your speaking into text, even fix grammar and make suggestions. It then makes it easy for you to post to social media, put in an email or text, or even add to your Evernote account.

Mobile devices aren’t just for slicing fruit like a ninja. There are a ton of apps out there ready to help you be the most productive you can be. And being productive will make you successful.

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VoiceAssistant – Apple


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