5 Articles on Why Marketing Automation Should Be in Your Technology Marketing Plan

We work in technology; we market automated products and services. Why shouldn’t our marketing be automated too?

I was doing my usual scan of b-to-b marketing blogs and websites to see what’s trending, changing, happening, etc. in the marketing industry.  And I was finding a common theme. Marketing automation was coming up rather frequently. So what did I think? “This is an excellent tool for the technology industry. Time to write a post for my own blog.”

In a nutshell, marketing automation refers to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks.

Naturally, marketing automation sounds like an appropriate fit for technology companies. We work with Big Data and automated products and services; I’m sure you can agree automating some procedures would make life easier and possibly more effective.

Why should you consider adding marketing automation to your company?

  1. Marketing automation is used as a way to nurture leads through a “funnel,” eventually turning them into clients. It is a very effective tool for generating business.
  2. Marketing automation can be used to control various office tasks outside of the sales and marketing department too. It is ideal for simplifying your efforts throughout the office to make employees more efficient and helping to interpret and utilize data.

That being said, I feel the best way to educate you on how marketing automation can be implemented in your company and help your marketing and office workflow initiatives is to send you right to the source. Below I have listed a few must reads for marketing automation that I feel would be in your favor to look through and act on.

  1. HubSpotHow Automated Workflows ‘Work’: A Simple Setup Guide, by Pamela Vaughan [link]
  2. HubSpot5 Simple Ways to Boost the Impact of Your Marketing Automation Workflows, by Corey Eridon [link]
  3. BtoB Magazine OnlineNeed marketing automation? Start with the ecosystem, by Nick Panayi [link]
  4. BtoB Magazine OnlineOut with the sales funnel, in with the cocktail shaker, by Jeff Perkins [link]
  5. BtoB Magazine OnlineBtoB study: Automation adoption accelerates, but obstacles remain, by Christopher Hosford [link]

I found these articles very educational, interesting, and inspirational. Enjoy and get automating!

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