5 Core Blogging Principles for Technology Marketing

Think of these five tips as best practices for your technology company blog, and watch your readership base quickly expand.

Your company decided that it’s high time that a blog is established to show off your technology products and services. Of course, simply creating a blog may be as easy as creating a Tumblr, but you know better than that. Quality and value are at the top of our list for creating a top notch, competitive, and attractive blog.

Follow these 5 principles to help gear you up for success before your blog is even lifted up off the virtual ground.

  1. Create an editorial calendar to help you publish consistently. Organization has been a cardinal rule taught to me since I was first given a planner in high school, and it’s just as equally applicable for the success of your blog. An editorial calendar will outline exactly what days posts need to go up, with suggested topics if your creativity runs dry.
  2. Use keywords in your blog titles. Each blog article that you publish becomes an indexed page leading back to your website, generating more hits for your company, and increasing your SEO (search engine optimization). Keywords will be your link to becoming highly shared.
  3. Create a voice for your blog. Although your blog may be for your company, your readers also want to get to know you on a personal level. Choosing someone to represent the company will help make your blog posts more accessible and discoverable.
  4. Produce educational and shareable content. If you want your blog to go from “eh” to “woah!,” focus on providing your readers with educational content they can spread and implement. The more value you give to your readers, the stronger your relationship will be, and the higher potential of converting them to future customers.
  5. Make sharing and call-to-action easy. The purpose of your blog is to become known, and be the direct source knowledge in your industry. So, make it easy for viewers to spread the word about how awesome you are with sharing capabilities. Blogging is also a great method for lead generation, so make sure to include a clear call-to-action on each and every page.

Nothing good ever came out of taking the easy route, and your blog won’t shoot to stardom without some elbow grease. However, it doesn’t mean that the process of blogging won’t be fun, explorative, and create growth both out of your company, and from within.

  • Have you noticed any of these principles being used by your favorite bloggers? How else can you gear your blog for success?

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