5 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid for Technology Marketing

Being aware of these pitfalls will create better Facebook habits and make your page more effective.

We all know how Facebook works and the marketing possibilities it provides, from likes to shares to comments to posts and so on. For the technology industry, Facebook is an excellent way to show off what you do and get some notice with prospects, current clients, and fans. Your industry is on the rise, so using Facebook can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

The issue lies in whether you are using Facebook the right way. I have compiled a few major pitfalls to marketing on Facebook so you can avoid them.

  1. Not using Facebook to the fullest. Take advantage of the space Facebook provides for your information. Put in your company’s location, contact information, photos, etc., so it is easy for viewers to know where you are, how to get in touch with you, and what your company is like without ever leaving your page.
  2. Not taking advantage of your Cover Page. Your cover page is prime real estate for setting the tone for viewers, so take advantage of it. Just keep in mind, Facebook is very specific on what can and cannot be done. You cannot put pricing information on the photo. You cannot put a call-to-action on it. And you cannot put your contact information on it.
  3. Too much posting and text. You want to stay in front of your followers, but posting more than once per day can have a negative effect. Post one awesome thing, rather than a few mediocre things. And keeping posts to a tweet’s length will get the most likes, statistically.
  4. Not utilizing the Insights. Facebook provides you insights into the activity and connections associated with your page. Many companies do not take advantage of it. For example the Friends of Fans insight shows you the amount of people your fans are associated with. And because a lot of people base decisions off their friends, this number is important. Take a look at your insights; you’d be surprised what you learn.
  5. Not changing up your posts. Only posting photos or only posting questions/polls is a bad habit to get into. You need to keep changing things up. It makes your page look more dynamic. It also means you are reaching more of your audience who may prefer certain kinds of posts over others. Don’t be plain or predictable.

Take a look at your page and see what pitfalls you may be guilty of and see how you can fix them to make you page more successful.

  • Facing pitfalls are possible but avoidable. What other pitfalls are lurking around the Facebook platform?

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