5 Reasons You Need a Google+ Page in Your Technology Marketing

Incorporating Google in your marketing initiatives is a sure bet that people will interact with you. And the best way to do that is with a Google+ page.

Google, talk about an innovative, smart company. From their vastly popular search function, to their new GoogleGlass initiative, they continue to push the boundaries of how we connect to the world and people around us.

Google+ was developed to let people and companies express who they are and what they do, and to connect with the people who matter most to their success or well-being.

Below I elaborate on a few facts and features that really make Google+ a stable, successful social media platform that you should consider.

  1. Its Google – We are talking about Google, a company that has a welcomed hand in almost every area of our daily lives: search engine (Google), email (Gmail), directions (Google Maps and Local), phones (Android), web browser (Google Chrome), videos (YouTube), purchasing (Google Wallet and Offers) and more! Including Google in your marketing means you are instantly connecting with all of their platforms, giving your brand more depth and awareness.
  2. Active Users – Google+ may seem like a relatively new addition to the social media world, but, according to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ currently has the second largest amount of active users, 343 million. Facebook is the only platform ahead of them. Plus, YouTube, a Google owned platform, sits in the third spot.
  3. Better SEO – Google was at the forefront of search engine optimization. Rightfully so, being the most popular search engine. Google takes all of their platforms into account when populating results for searches, so if you post often and people interact with you often on Google+ your information is bound to shoot to the top of results.
  4. Analytics – Google also understands the value of easy-to-understand, actionable analytics for digital marketing. More specifically, Google+ has Ripples; this feature shows you who is sharing or interacting with your content most often. Basically, you are seeing the ripple effect of their influence on the Google+ community. You can then sync up with those influencers.
  5. Circles & Hangouts – With any social media platform, the objective is to connect, communicate and share. Google+ has a unique way of doing this; through circles. You create related groups that connect on shared topics or likes/interests. Google+ also has their hangout function, great for holding meetings, video chats, etc.

As you can see, there are some simple, but important reasons why you should use the Google+ platform to grow your technology business. Check out Mashable’s Top 10 Brand Pages on Google+ to see how other companies are handling their pages and give yours a try!

Photo Credit: mark knol via photopin cc

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