5 Roles HootSuite Can Play in Optimizing Your Technology Marketing

Let HootSuite be your “right-hand man” when it comes to managing your activity on social media.

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time on social media. Fortunately for us, it has become a useful channel for marketing to potential and current customers. Especially for the technology industry, where the products/services relate to connecting digitally. The catch, there are so many social media platforms it can feel almost impossible to keep the actions and conversations you have on them organized and under control.

That is where HootSuite comes in. “HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard” (source: HootSuite company page). That means your activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can all be handled in a central location, making it easy to manage and control your social media marketing efforts.

Here are 5 roles HootSuite can play in your marketing to help simplify and optimize how you use social media.

  1. Social Media Manager – HootSuite can easily and efficiently help you communicate your specific posts and responses without getting lost in the different platforms or forgetting to check on one. With everything being pulled into one central dashboard you can take care of any necessary activity with hardly any effort. That means you can be confident your marketing efforts are being optimized.
  2. Customer Service Representative – HootSuite can help you easily see what people are saying about you or saying to you through the central dashboard. That means you never miss an opportunity to solve a customer inquiry or make a positive impression on a potential customer.
  3. Marketing Analyst – HootSuite generates powerful analytics reports based on the information provided through each of your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and Google Analytics, so you can quickly and easily see how your marketing efforts are measuring up against your goals.
  4. Team Player – HootSuite lets you share one common profile between many employees, or team members, helping you assign specific responsibilities to those members; for example, tech support, customer service, or sales. That means you can be confident your bases are covered.
  5. Conversationalist – HootSuite has a Conversations application that lets you make post suggestions to your internal marketing team before it gets published so a response strategy can be discussed. This helps get your entire team up to speed and prepared when the post actually goes live.

HootSuite is free to everyone who wants to take advantage of it, which I recommend. Social media is here to stay, and with HootSuite you can be confident your social media marketing efforts are too.

P.S. There are alternatives to HootSuite popping up every day, so I will be looking into those as well.

How has HootSuite improved your social media efforts?


HootSuite Company Page

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Chris Fuller
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For over 20 years, as a partner of thinkdm2, a digital branding and marketing agency, I have helped simplify marketing for many clients. Intelligent Systems can be quite complicated, and marketing them even more so. I enjoy making the complex simple. My blog, Simplexity, is an attempt to put my experience to use for Intelligent Systems Marketers.

2 Responses to 5 Roles HootSuite Can Play in Optimizing Your Technology Marketing
  1. Connor from HootSuite Reply

    Nicely written Chris, I particularly liked the bit about customer service. There’s a huge opportunity to mitigate customer issues on social. Tons of brands are ignoring this space and missing out on the potential of solving customer issues publicly before they get out of hand.

    Thanks for the kind words, Hoot on.

    -Connor and you friends at HootSuite

    • admin Reply

      Great point Connor. As “we” interact more with intelligent machines with social connectivity, customer service issues will probably be resolved on the spot. There’s some cool stuff going on in retail. Check out the Adiverse shoe wall. ~Chris

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