Capitalize on Google’s Penguin for Successful Technology Marketing SEO

Understanding Penguin’s influence on search engine optimization will help your technology company increase awareness with your customer base.

According to comScore, as of December 2012, Google held a 65% share of the search engine market with 114.7 billion searches. Yahoo and Microsoft’s bing sat at 4.9% and 2.5% market share respectively. With Google’s overwhelming dominance, your number one marketing goal for search engine optimization should be to make it to the top of Google search results.

Just recently, Google launched Penguin 2.0. If you haven’t pulled your digital team over, you may want to grab them; or at least tell them to start researching. Understanding how Penguin 2.0 works and how it will affect your SEO plans is vital if you want to be successful.

The underlining objective of Penguin 2.0 for your success in Google search results is having a strong brand. Google is trying to provide an online experience that mirrors how companies and customers interact in a real-world setting. It’s about the relationship your brand creates with the community and customers that influence your ranking.

Let’s look at an example to better understand. Say you are a local car repair shop. You run print ads in the newspaper and local magazines, mail coupons to the community, sponsor local events, things that help to build your brand recognition.

Well, imagine the community is now the internet and those coupons, ads, and sponsorships are now videos, podcasts, blog articles, website content, etc. The more relative content you are associated with online, the better Google’s search “spiders” will be able to authenticate your brand. By connecting this related content you become a more credible, valued resource.

You have to help the “spiders” find your content. Connect with your audience – post videos to YouTube and Vimeo, put your presentations on SlideShare, post articles on your blog, comment on other blogs and social media pages, etc. Think of this as the equivalent to real-world word-of-mouth; let your customers and community be your advocate.

We are in the technology industry – what happens online affects us and we affect what is online. Whether you’re a large company with years of experience or a small company just breaking into the market, Google doesn’t care. What Google’s Penguin cares about is your reach and connection to your audience. So start communicating, sharing, and showing off your company online!


Google’s Penguin

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