Connect With Your Technology Marketing Audience with Instagram

When social media and images come together, you get an exciting, simple way of marketing to your target audience.

Imagery is a large part of how we communicate and share with others. Creating a photo album of your wedding, videotaping your child’s 5th birthday, capturing that moment when you graduate college. Imagery is how we connect and express ourselves.

To take that idea even further, imagery is now a simple, but successful way of connecting your marketing efforts to your target audience.

With the popularity of blogs and social media, images and videos have become a popular way of representing and drawing attention to oneself or one’s company.

Let’s take a look at Instagram.

Instagram “has become a community where you can capture and share the world’s moments simply and beautifully.” With 130 million monthly active users, 1 billion likes daily, and 45 million photos posted per day (Instagram press room), Instagram has given everyone an easy, and fun way to express themselves and connect.

A little history; Instagram started in October 2010 as a photo sharing social media application that lets you take pictures, add filters and comments, and post to a newsfeed where others can like or comment back. Now Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can post to your Facebook or Twitter pages, you can add hashtags, and even tag your friends and locations.

Most important though, in my opinion, was Instagram adding a video feature in July 2013. This feature now lets you capture, cut, filter, and post short moments, ideas, or messages. You are able to fit in more than you would in a single framed picture. Exciting!

The point is, Instagram is a popular way of connecting with your audience and you should be taking advantage of it!

I previously wrote an article about ways to use Vine to market your company – “Utilize Vine by Twitter for Technology Marketing in a Visual Savvy World.” Many of the ideas listed in that post can be applied to Instagram.

I would also check out Social Media Examiner’s article, “How To Use Instagram Video for Marketing” to give yourself some inspiration.

Instagram Press Page

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