Create Effective Technology Marketing Emails for Mobile Devices

People read email everywhere, so make sure your content is mobile-ready.

Email marketing is a great tactic for BtoB technology companies. You can:

  • Tailor a message to a specific audience
  • Keep your name in front of your audience on a consistent basis
  • Show you are a thought-leader in technology
  • Start conversations that can lead to sales

The issue is emails aren’t just being viewed on computers. The amount of emails being viewed on mobile devices is between 15% and 35%, and appears to be rising. You need to take this into consideration when email marketing.

Plus, you need to consider where people are reading your emails.

According to an article on BtoB Magazine written by Miles Price, a customer support specialist at Emma Inc., “…people now read email everywhere—in line at the grocery store, in the waiting room at the dentist office, in excruciating long meetings at work—so it’s increasingly important for b2b marketers to craft emails that take into account the mobile environment.”

Rest assured, building email for mobile reading isn’t difficult. Here are a few tips to help you create technology marketing emails that can handle the mobile environment.

Keep it brief, keep it simple:

In the past, emails have been more content and copy heavy. Mobile devices aren’t built for this, so you need to streamline your content. Keep the design to one or two columns, highlight one main story, and limit the images. You are better off creating a series of emails for topics that require heavier content.

Grab their attention quickly:

We are always multitasking, so assume when someone is reading your email they are also doing other things – brushing their teeth, watching a presentation, eating lunch, anything. You have to make a first impression that grabs them. This could be through a subject line that interests them enough to stop what they are doing, or possibly keep your email around for a time when they can devote more attention. Take advantage of the first few lines of an email because that is what viewers see first and may be all they see.

Design to sell:

The bottom line – you need to make money and marketing will help you do it. Keep your call-to-action near the top so it’s easy to get to with a tap of a finger. Your design should be reader-friendly–simple fonts, larger font size, and contrast between font and background color. Don’t rely on images because images are blocked by default on most mobile devices.

  • What are other tips you can use to integrate your marketing strategies onto the mobile platform?

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