Does the Facebook Timeline Belong in Your Technology Marketing?

Technology Marketers have a golden opportunity to tell their story, and tell it they must.

Right now, the Facebook Timeline is a fad. Some companies are trying to be clever, others just informative but all are experimenting with the format.

Just the other day I stumbled upon this great infographic, by Cisco, illustrating the Internet of Things. This is meant for industry insiders but it uses language that the consumer understands. Your Facebook Timeline should do the same, tell your story so that your customers and your customers’ customers understand the value of your role in technology.

If you think about it, the Facebook Timeline looks like an infographic. The Cisco infographic had 1,000 Facebook likes and almost 6,000 tweets when I wrote this post. I would bet many of those likes and tweets are from consumers, not industry insiders.

According to Austin Carr at Fast Company, “Facebook Timelines are just re-purposed Wikipedia pages, [sic]” he states. I disagree with this analogy.

Whether the Facebook Timeline fad turns into a trend remains to be seen. What I can be sure of is the need for technology marketers to take advantage of it to tell consumers their story. The Facebook Timeline is perfect because it lets you tell your story chronologically and creatively.

For established companies, the Facebook Timeline is an opportunity to share an illustrious history, like the New York Times has done. You can see what their newsroom looked like the day the Titanic was sinking. An established industry, like music, may offer content to a newcomer, like Spotify. Their Facebook Timeline is like walking through the history of music even though the company was created in 2006.

Start off simple by establishing your company’s major milestones like the day your company was founded. Surely you have pictures or documentation you can share on your Facebook Timeline. Then you can fill in the details, just remember to keep it up so your Timeline doesn’t become stagnant.

Just remember that you have to make your story your own. Exploit what’s unique about your company and don’t shy away from the fact that technology (remember that term?) is cool.

  • How can you make your Facebook Timeline effectively share your company’s story? 

Cisco Infographic: The Internet of Things

Austin Carr, Fast Company: Young Brands With Long Histories: Facebook Timelines Allow for Brand Storytelling, but What’s the Next Chapter?

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