Does Your Technology Marketing Need a Tagline?

Taglines can be seen as old-fashioned. Finding a new, innovative way to communicate to your audience will help your company stand out.

“Got milk?” “Think different.” “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” “Think outside the bun.” “Where’s the beef?” Believe it or not, all of these taglines we established before the year 2000.

Actually, if you look at the “100 Most Influential Taglines Since 1948,” as provided by, two-thirds of the list ran before 1980.

It appears the usage of taglines is diminishing. Let’s look at why that may be, as according to Adweek.

  1. Attention Spans – In the past, companies were able to get away with longer text. The taglines were there to summarize. Now, with our shorter attention spans, the text has to be shorter, so there may not be a need for the tagline.
  2. Smaller Ad Space – The way we view marketing has changed. Small mobile screens and flashy banner ads restrict advertisers from putting too much messaging on an ad. Even think about those posts your company pushes through social media; a 140 character limit has become our normal way of communicating.
  3. It’s About Personality – Today, companies are defined more by their values and personalities, thanks to social media, and less by their unique feature or attribute. That isn’t as easily expressed in a tagline.

But we are in technology. We are all for change and going against the grain. Using a tagline is old-fashioned to us. Technology marketers should consider a new way to differentiate their company. Think about where your company stands in the eyes of your customers. The modern tagline may really be about finding that connection, not just about being catchy or clever.

Are there any companies you can think of that have stopped using a tagline?


Is there a company you can think of still using a tagline successfully? “100 Most Influential  Taglines Since 1948”

Adweek: The Death of the Tagline

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