Gamification: Don’t Forget This Component in Your Technology Marketing

Gamification is a new, exciting and effective tool to make your marketing efforts successful.

There are slight variations on the definition of gamification. All, however, come back to the central idea of using game-like elements in a non-game environment. The main goal is to make the experience more engaging and to help solve a problem.

What does this mean for technology marketing? How can gamification help make your marketing campaign successful?

The answer is what really sparked my interest and made me believe in gamification’s effectiveness. Generation Y makes up the majority of working America and Generation Y grew up with video games. From when they were young they were exposed to an environment that emphasized competition, real-time feedback and other game-like metaphors. It is an environment they are comfortable with and long to experience. Adding gamification to your marketing strategy will certainly intrigue and excite your prospects.

Here are a couple applications for gamification so you can see how it works.

  1. Provide a reward – give employees, consumers, vendors, etc. a badge or signifier as a way to encourage and acknowledge exceptional behavior. For example, if certain employees are coming to the aid of frustrated consumers, give those employees “expert” status. Or provide them tangible-like items, like cash, products, VIP access, etc. This can also apply to customers or clients that give you positive reviews. It is like you are giving them a “level-up.”
  2. Provide a mission – give prospective customers a set of steps to take when they visit your website. In the B2B environment, prospects rely heavily on the information you provide on your website. Why not make it interesting by providing it in mission form? For example, they could watch a video, download a whitepaper, and then answer a quiz. Plus, if they do well, you can provide them with a reward, like a raffle, bonus services, etc. You are pushing them towards a goal. If you have ever played a video game, you are always fighting towards an achievement, like saving Peach from Mario’s arch nemesis, Bowser.

Those are only two applications to consider in your technology marketing. I encourage you to continue exploring other opportunities; think back to your video game experiences and pick out what was exciting to you.

  • What other gamification strategies have you applied to your technology marketing? Was it successful?

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