Get a Competitive Edge with Google Plus for Technology Marketing

Google+ has benefits for B2B marketing to give you an advantage over your competition.

We all see how prominent social media has become in our daily lives. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become major faucets of communication and marketing. However, have you thought about Google+?

Google+ is a social media platform based on the concept of sharing experiences and information with specific groups through the web. You create “circles” (groups of contacts) you have conversations with. These “circles” can be friends, family, co-workers, etc. For a technology company it could be your clients/customers, other industry experts or leaders, your company employees, etc. Through these “circles” you can share pictures, articles, original posts, videos and so on through your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Google+ is a new addition to the social media wave, is it worth it? It’s a resounding yes! A study conducted by Simply Measured concluded that “with six months of data all pointing ‘up and to the right,’ it is safe to say that Google+ is here to stay, and is becoming a key player in the social media space.” Plus, it’s Google!

Let’s look a little closer at some benefits Google+ has for technology marketing.

Better for Conversation. Google+ has a similar platform to Facebook, but isn’t as flashy. Google+ keeps it simple, focusing on the conversations you have in your “circles”, not the other filler. There are fewer distractions, so you can focus just on the subject at hand.

It’s Google. It’s a Google platform so it will obviously get favored in searches. And with more than an 80% market share, Google packs a pretty influential punch. By posting meaningful content with specific keywords you will start moving up the ranks and reaching the appropriate people. Or, link your posts with the employee/s that wrote it and you will get additional reach through their Google+ accounts.

Sharing. Simply put, “plus-ing” something on Google+ carries more weight than “liking” something on Facebook or “retweeting” something on twitter. When someone “pluses” anything about your company or posted by your company that “plus” will show up in their circles and act as SEO (search engine optimization), pushing you up the search results.

Networking. Google+ is an excellent networking tool. It makes having meaningful conversations easy. You can segment your messages to certain people in your “circles” and gather information. You are hitting each person with the most meaningful information, making the opportunity to engage with them more probable.

Create a Google+ account for your technology company. It’s easy and fast and will help you get noticed and generate some business.

  • Are you Google Plus-savvy? How has Google Plus maximized your business marketing efforts?


Simply Measured Survey: Google+ Brand Page Adoption and Engagement Are On the Rise

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