How Social Proofing Can Increase Email Sign-ups in Technology Marketing

Three tactics you can be implementing to make your email marketing more successful.

I introduced you to social proofing in another post and how it can be used in technology marketing. I want to take that a step further and explain how social proofing can help increase the amount of email subscribers you get.

To remind you, social proofing is generally when a person makes a decision based on what others are doing because they assume these other people have a better understanding to make a decision. Examples would be making a decision based on user reviews of a product, a bestseller list, Twitter followers, etc. They convince you to join in.

There is great opportunity to use this for email marketing in Intelligent Systems. Here are a few ways to go about it.

  1. Social Proof Icons – publicly displaying how many likes your post has, how many retweets are associated with your post, how many followers you have, etc. For example: have a real-time number that shows how many subscribers you have on your sign-up page and the email itself. You see these icons everywhere now. These icons will influence the decision people make about your email.
  2. Indicative Text – you can do simple play-on-words to convince people to join. For example, you most likely have on your site a CTA to “Join our list” or “Sign-up for our newsletter.” Slightly alter that to include the amount of followers you have; “Join our 2,000 subscribers.”
  3. Testimonials – just like product reviews, testimonials create an emotional connection. When people read others having a positive experience they believe they can too. For example, reading a testimonial that explains how helpful someone finds the information you provide in your emails or some kind of benefit to the reader people may be more likely to join. So, display testimonials on your sign-up page.

Social proofing is a great way to enhance your marketing, but move forward with caution. As helpful as social proofing can be, it can also be hurtful. Everyone has their own opinion and what 2,000 subscribers means to one person may mean something different to another. Test things and see which brings you the best results. Digital marketing is all about trial & error.

  • What social proofing tactics were most successful in your marketing efforts?

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  1. Scott Pielsticker Reply

    That’s solid advice. I think as email marketing becomes more popular this year (based on my belief that brands will look for other vehicles beyond social media and content marketing), the use of different and smarter approaches to subscriber growth and retention will become more important.

    cheers, Scott

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