Is Your Technology Marketing Getting “Lost In Translation?”

Follow these 3 rules to effectively communicate through your digital channels and ensure your message is heard correctly.

Communicating on your customers’ terms, communicating through experience, and communicating without assumptions are the best ways to send a clear, simple, effective message. And when your message is heard correctly you can make a stronger impact on your customers, optimizing your marketing.

Technology is fraught with complicated terms, jargon, and acronyms that are difficult to understand. When you pair that with the overwhelming number of digital marketing channels you can communicate through there are a slew of opportunities where your message can be misinterpreted. You need to ensure your message is comprehensible in your digital marketing channels, from email to banner ads, your website to social media, so it won’t get “lost in translation.”

By following these three rules you should be able to construct effective messaging that will create results for your company.

  1. Communicate on your customers’ terms. Using any jargon or technical terminology means you run the risk of others simply not understanding you. People are more comfortable working with a company if they easily understand exactly what services are provided and how they can be applied to their own company. Communicating in terms they will understand and be able to connect with will make your customer confident in your services and your ability to work together. Simplify your messaging so it can be understood by anyone.
  2. Communicate through experiences. One of the easiest ways to connect with a customer is through a shared experience. When there is a commonality between your company and your customers there is a trust, a connection that is created, making for a more emotional decision. Simplify your messaging through the use of storytelling. Customers will easily relate, understand, and want to work with you.
  3. Communicate without assumptions. I can recall in one of my communication classes in college discussing the paradigm of misinterpretations. The message you send out can be received and interpreted differently, and then sent back to you only for you to misinterpret based on your original message. It’s a vicious cycle! Assuming a certain word or phrase means one thing, when in actuality it is interpreted in a completely different way by your customers, can be detrimental to your marketing. Simplify the chance of miscommunication by being exact with your messaging.

Take a look at your digital technology marketing messaging. Does any of it violate these rules? See how you can rework it so you are communicating on your customers’ terms, through storytelling, and without assumptions.

Utilize Storytelling As An Effective Tactic for Intelligent Systems Marketing

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