Online Banner Ads: Pros and Cons for Technology Marketing

Arguments to help you decide if banner ads should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Digital advertising has become an essential component of any marketing strategy. It is an excellent way to get your message across, considering the amount of time we spend on our computers, tablets and smartphones.

Banner ads are a popular way to advertise online. But let’s take a look into the positives and negatives associated with using them in your technology marketing.

Web Traffic

  • Pro – Visits to your website will increase if you run banner ads. When people are interested in what the banner ad is saying they will click to learn more. Make sure the ad takes them directly to information that backs up what it is promoting.
  • Con – You may be getting more traffic to your site, but if the visitors to your site are not qualified the efforts will be wasted. Unless the viewers going to your site are interested in the subject matter the banner ad is not doing what it should.


  • Pro – When putting together a banner ad campaign you are able to pick the types of sites your ads run on. This mean you can pick sites that directly relate to technology so your ads are reaching a more qualified audience.
  • Con – We are now so used to banner ads that we have developed an aversion to them. This makes it difficult for your message to be heard as people are desensitized.

Viewing & Bandwidth

  • Pro – There are a lot of fun banner advertising options available now. You can do page takeovers, interactive ads, peel back ads, etc. These fun designs can really add to the viewer experience and make an impact.
  • Con – Slow bandwidth, lag in loading, etc. are a banner ad’s worst enemy. When these technical issues occur, it is likely your ad will not display correctly, or not at all. Plus, if your banner ads are running on a website that is not mobile-ready your creative will be hard to view and click on.


  • Pro – You can decipher how your campaign is doing by using site analytics. I recommend putting goals in place before you start your campaign and measure your results against that. Your goals are the most meaningful measurement of your success.
  • Con – If you don’t put in the right tracking mechanisms you may not see the results you need to measure against your objectives. Plus, there is so much information to look through it can be overwhelming and difficult to act on .

What is your take on online banner advertising?

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