Optimize Pinterest for Effective Technology Marketing to Your BtoB Audience

Visually representing your company through Pinterest is a fun and informative way of showing your audience what you do and why they should work with you.

Pinterest is a social media platform that thrives on images to share ideas, projects, creativity, etc. and generate a following for a user. Through Pinterest you can pin things to your board(s) that you find interesting or want to hold onto for your own personal use. You can also follow other users’ accounts or boards if they are pinning content you want to stay connected to.

Naturally, Pinterest lends itself well to clothes, jewelry, crafts, and other tangible or visually cool items. So how does this apply to the BtoB market? Using Pinterest as a BtoB marketing channel is an excellent way to visually describe your company and what you do, as well as increase the possibility of business through your following.

The first question to answer is how to visualize your company to optimize the platform Pinterest has provided.

  1. Blog article images. Does your company have a blog? Do the articles on your blog contain a related image? Those images can be a board on your Pinterest account. Take my blog for example, I make sure to include a related, stimulating image with each post to grab the readers’ attention and hopefully connect with their interests.
  2. Ebook covers. Producing any ebooks for your content marketing strategy? Make sure you have creative covers made for them because you can use those as images on a board.
  3. Infographics. These are fun; fun to create and fun to read. Why not put a board together of infographics that either you created or relate to your company/the technology industry.
  4. Company & Product Shots. Chances are you have images of your office, office parties, or even product shots (either by you or your customers). Put those in a board; it’s a great way to visualize the personality of your company and customer base.

From there you need to ask yourself how to generate a following (which will hopefully turn into business).

  1. It’s a two way street. Like any other social media platform, you cannot only be concerned with what is happening on your own account. Explore Pinterest, follow others, and pin items back to your boards.
  2. Link it. Make sure the images you pin on your boards link back to the original content. This will get your following off your Pinterest page and on to your website, where the action really happens.

Pinterest is meant to be fun and creative. And with the vast ways you can take photos, find photos, edit photos, etc. you will find Pinterest is an effective outlet for your marketing efforts.

Is there anything you would like to see Pinterest do to address the BtoB audience more?

Photo Credit: Nrbelex via photopin cc

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