Simplify Your Technology Marketing Decisions with Email Analytics

Focusing on the most important information will help you make smart, efficient marketing decisions for all other initiatives you have running, making your marketing efforts more successful.

Simplify and focus on the most important information available: subject line and clicks.

When you send out an email you instantly see:

  • how many people received it
  • how many bounces it got
  • how many people opened it
  • how many people opted out
  • how many people clicked on something
  • how many people shared something
  • and so much more…

That is a lot to absorb and analyze. Simplify it! All you really need to look at is which subject line garnered the most opens and what content garnered the most clicks. That data will quickly tell you what information is most important to your readers.

By knowing this, you can make actionable, effective decisions for other marketing initiatives you have running. That content can be featured on your homepage, it can be the focus of a banner ad campaign or it can be highlighted on your social media pages. If you know what people want help with make it easy for others to find. Optimize that information by releasing it from the email marketing silo. The results of one campaign can and should be applied to other marketing initiatives if you want to optimize them.

Plus, finding and interpreting that information only takes about five minutes. And now you can be confident in the decisions you have made to continue your marketing initiatives.

You should simplify the information you gather from email marketing analytics to make actionable, effective decisions for your technology marketing.

Digital marketing has given us the ability to see how effective a campaign is in minutes, rather than months. However, it is a gift and a curse. You have immediate access to useful information, but sifting through and understanding all of it can feel overwhelming. Harnessing that information will help you make decisions that can be utilized in the other marketing initiatives you are running.

Simplify the analytics you are given through email marketing to help you make decisions that will in turn make your technology marketing more successful.

  • What do you consider to be the most important information gathered from marketing analytics?

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