Social Proofing: Gaining Technology Marketing Credibility Online

A social networking tactic you may be missing that will help you generate business.

Have you ever gone onto a blog or looked at an article and wondered if it was worth your time? Was it reputable? Did you take a look at how many followers the blog had, or how many people “liked” the article? Did that help you make a decision? That’s social proofing.

Aileen Lee, a partner at a venture firm focusing on consumer internet ventures, defined social proofing in her article, Social Proofing Is The New Marketing , as “a psychological phenomenon that occurs in vague social situations when people are unable to determine the correct mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or better informed and likely to follow that behavior.”

So what does this mean for technology marketing? The internet has become such a vital and reliable tool in the way we conduct business it is imperative that you consider your stature and influence on it. Social marketing has also become such a popular way to reach customers, it is important to find a way through the clutter. There is no better way than letting others do it for you.

By generating a following, gaining reviews and recommendations from users or industry experts you become a more credible, reputable brand.

Take a look at these 5 types of social proofing and see how they can relate to you.

  1. Expert social proofing – approval from a credible expert, like a magazine or blog. People with high ratings on Klout also fall into this category.
  2. Celebrity social proofing – just like a celebrity spokesperson in a commercial, they can be used online to endorse something.
  3. User social proofing – direct reviews from people who have used your product, visited your website, dealt with your customer service, etc. Who doesn’t read user reviews before purchasing something these days?
  4. Wisdom of the crowds social proofing – highlighting the popularity of something. For example, how many followers you have on Twitter or how many recommendations your products/services have on LinkedIn.
  5. Wisdom of your friends social proofing – having your content sent from friend to friend will make it grow exponentially. People believe and trust their friends, so they are going to believe and trust the information they give. Who doesn’t go to a friend for advice or insight on something?

Social proofing is an important marketing tactic to consider if you want to excel in the technolgy industry.

  • Does your website or blog fall under one of the 5 types of social proofing? What have you done to bring your site to a credible standing?

Aileen Lee Article: Social Proof Is The New Marketing

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