Technology Marketing: 3 Lessons for Building a Mobile App

Intelligent devices may need a Mobile App, but take it from Apple, Nest and Optimum—avoid feature creep—or not.

We rely on our mobile devices so much that it’s only a matter of time before your engineers start thinking about a Mobile App, if they haven’t already. Invest some time examining your options before investing a dime on development.

Here are three examples that you can apply to just about any intelligent connected device:

Lesson 1: Build useful security features that match the threats to your device.

Apple: Find iPhone App

What Apple focused on: Security

The Find iPhone App has enough functionality to make it invaluable to every iPhone owner. You just log into your Apple account and you’re a few clicks away from seeing the location of you device on a map. If you left it at home, you can post an alert message on the screen. You can disable it or wipe it clean if you think it was stolen to make sure your data is secure.

Lesson 2: Determine the core function for your App and leave the other features out.

Nest Mobile App

What Nest focused on: Simplicity

If you haven’t seen the Nest you are in for a treat. This Internet-connected thermostat is part art and part state of the art. To operate the Nest, you just turn the dial right or left to adjust the temperature. Nest learns your behaviors and auto-programs itself. Add the App that let’s you adjust the temperature before you get home and you’ve got a game-changer. The App also shows you stats to help you analyze and lower your energy costs. It’s that simple.

Lesson 3: Ignore lesson 2 and incorporate every feature you can.

Optimum App

What Optimum focused on: Remote control

Optimum is my local cable TV service and they have a Mobile App. Now it may not be the only cable App, but Optimum is the only choice I had for cable service…but that’s a story for another post. Quite simply, you can control your DVR anywhere. While home, use the App as a remote, channel guide or as a second TV. You can also record shows, delete shows, change parental controls and more. They thought of everything but still found a way to keep it simple. Now I’ll never miss another episode of Mythbusters!

Homework: Invest the time before you invest a dime.

Examine your technology product with a critical eye when determining what features are right for a Mobile App. It’s the best way to ensure your customers will use it.

  • What features do you consider a must-have, when developing a mobile app? 

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