Technology Marketing, “Did the Mouse Survive?”

Don’t leave your audience in suspense. Simplify your sales pitch by starting at the end.

“Just about everyone has heard of the elevator pitch – that succinct summation of what you do that piques the interest of a potential customer or investor. Of course, in the Internet age, the elevator pitch has been shortened to the escalator pitch, then the Twitter pitch. As a result, a person has to adapt to the situation they’re in.” stated Nellie Akalp in a post on Mashable.

The technology industry is complicated enough without even trying. But it’s also an exciting industry with amazing devices connecting to the cloud and making our lives better. Define your product with the most salient benefit to the end user.

My wife spent over a decade helping medical researchers present their findings so they could raise money to continue their research. Not exactly light fare, and neither is technology. She’d usually get fed up after seeing a dozen slides jammed with charts and data and pictures of cell structure. She would stop the presenter and ask, “Did the mouse survive?” These doctors were so wrapped up in the details of their research because that’s what they love to do. But they needed to sell their ideas to mere mortals who wanted to donate large sums of money to a good cause.

“You need an attention getter, something memorable,” my wife says. Start with an emotional or unexpected statement that captures the essence of your pitch. Nowadays, you only have a few seconds to keep people from reaching for their iPhones for entertainment. The news industry is another great example you can follow. “Don’t bury the lead” is sacrosanct. A journalist writes in the inverted pyramid style—starting with the most important information and filling in the details in order of importance. If a news story needed to be shorted, the editor (and writer) knew the end of the article covered the details that are good for the story but not essential. Newscasters do the same. The first story of the night is the biggest news story. They don’t lead with the cat in the tree story. Craft your sales pitch carefully into a memorable statement. In the age of the all mighty tweet, a good attention grabber will open the doors to more opportunities.

  • How else can you filter your sales pitch in order to create a memorable statement?

Twitter Pitch

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