Technology Marketing: Is New York Your Kind of Town?

The three main components needed to help New York City compete with Silicon Valley and Boston is Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Universities.

1. Entrepreneurs

New York City has never been at a loss for smart and talented people willing to take a chance to create something new. Mayor Bloomberg is pushing to get all the pieces into place to turn New York City Silicon Alley, as it’s been dubbed. Bloomberg’s plan is called The Road Map for the Digital City.

“Unleashing New York City’s entrepreneurial spirit—that is an essential part of our administration’s strategy,” Bloomberg said after a ribbon cutting ceremony for The Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator.

2. Venture Capitalists

Investors are critical to the success of tech start-ups as well as the location they chose to set up their company. New York has already had success luring companies such as Gilt Groupe, Etsy, Foursquare, Meetup, Tumblr and Google.

“New York City surpassed Boston last year for the first time in the amount of money spent on new ventures,” says Donn Morrill, executive director of New York Technology Council.

Something new I learned recently was that Boston venture capitalists refused to invest in Facebook back in 2004—founder Mark Zuckerberg had no other choice but to turn to Silicon Valley. The rest is history.

3. Universities

There certainly is no shortage of Universities in the New York Metro Area but Bloomberg’s plans to lure other schools illuminates the fact that schools like NYU and Columbia are not investing enough in their science research facilities. Institutions across the world have conveyed interest in setting up a New York hub, including Silicon Valley’s darling, Stanford University.

What else does New York City have to offer?

New York City has other important elements, secret ingredients if you will, that may be just as important as the Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Universities. Those are Diversity, Culture and Energy—New York City has all three in spades.


If America is the Melting Pot then New York City is the essence of that brew. You couldn’t ask for a better testing ground for technology, or a better place to find talent.


New York City has an extraordinary number of museums and theaters to inspire every engineer from Harlem to Park Slope and beyond.


It’s the city that never sleeps. Don’t take my word for it, Sinatra sang it best.

New York, New York…a town so nice they named it twice.

  • Do you think there is a chance for the Empire State to compete with Silicon Valley or Boston? What are their advantages or disadvantages?

Mayor Bloomberg’s The Road Map for the Digital City

New York City museums

New York City theaters

Frank Sinatra: New York, New York

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