Technology Marketing: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Every employee should be a brand ambassador.

Your brand is your reputation. “It’s not a marketing initiative, it’s a corporate initiative.” As my brand mentor Jim Hughes often put it.

CEOs and managers are constantly looking at the big picture, the strategic direction of their company and rightfully so. It’s just as important to keep your eye on the little details that can affect the perception of your company. And to empower the people around you to act according to your vision. I’ll give you an example.

The manager of Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays, Joe Maddon, has one rule for his players:

Always run hard to first base. It’s a simple rule but there is brilliance in its simplicity. If you’re the type of player that hustles to first base every time, even if you hit an infield grounder, then you’re going to play every part of the game with heart and passion. If not, you’re off the team.

Here’s an experience I recently had. I had a meeting with a high-tech communications company the other day. The office building was impressive with floor to ceiling windows and sleek, modern lobby furniture. The lobby could seat about 20 people but at the moment I was the only visitor. There was one magazine on the coffee table. A technology magazine. I didn’t want to commit to an article so I picked it up and just started flipping though it. The article headlines seemed out of date. So I flipped back to the cover and noticed the magazine was from December of 2011! It was over a year old.

Now this may seem like a minor infraction but to me it meant this company is:

  • Not keeping up with the times.
  • Just doesn’t care.
  • Not getting many visitors.

Not a good sign for a technology company. What’s worse is that the front line employees, the receptionist and two security guards, are not keeping their eye on the ball.

Always run hard to first. This rule can be applied to your business. Find a core concept that is simple yet powerful. It’ll give your team a clear, simple idea of what you expect of them and you’ll hit a home run when recruiting new talent.

  • Did you have a similar experience? How can companies stay on top of their game by keeping their eye on the ball?

Jim Hughes

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