Technology Marketing Tip: Simply be human

The impact of your marketing efforts can improve if you listen to Jack Welch, business guru and former CEO of GE.

He was quoted at a recent event, and has also written about “companies being human.”

“Individuals working in corporations are regular people, people just like you and your friends and neighbors. People who want to make a living and want to make a difference.” ~ Jack Welch

His point: it’s not the buildings that get things done—it’s the “people working together toward a shared goal. People who invest in, manage and work for corporations are there to make a profit.”

You can apply this philosophy to your technology marketing efforts.

  1. Pick up the phone: We rely on technology too much these days to communicate with our customers and our prospects. Email is the biggest culprit. Sometimes a phone call can make all the difference. It’s become so rare that your customers are sure to take notice of your effort to reach out to them.
  2. Start video chatting: FaceTime, Google+ and Skype are all free services that allow for one-on-one or group video discussions. It’s become common practice in our personal lives but businesses are slow to adopt. Just offering the opportunity to your customers will go a long way to showing them you care.
  3. Be a person online: Too many companies and individuals use their company name for their Twitter account and for their blog, which takes away the personal aspect of social media. People want to know and like the people they do business with.  Personalize your blog and twitter accounts so your marketing is coming from you.
  4. Show the human side of your solutions: Like the old adage states, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Avoid too much talk about the nuts and bolts of your products—talk about how they can change peoples’ lives. Technology is transforming the way we all live, and as Jack Welch stated, people want to make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a tech fanatic. Just walking into the Javits Center for an technology trade show gets me excited. But there are times when it just feels right to be human.

  • In what other ways can you personalize your company’s marketing efforts? Did you see a difference in interaction?

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