The Art and Science of Branding for Technology Marketing

You will set yourself apart from your competitors; attract talented workers and gain more clients if your brand is a reflection of your core beliefs.

A brand is about differentiation.

It’s the reason someone chooses your brand over another. Your prospects and clients must see, understand and feel your brand difference in such a compelling way that they choose you when presented with a choice.

Look inward not outward.

Every company wants to make a profit but business people want to work with inspiring people and companies that have something unique to offer. Identify the spark that launched your company; highlight the core beliefs that run through your company’s history, infrastructure, values and culture, and consider the essential hallmarks of your products and services.

These are your differentiators; this is your Brand.

I’ve facilitated discovery sessions to help companies find their brand and it’s an enlightening experience for everyone involved. Everyone leaves with a sense of purpose and a clear idea of their brand’s distinction and competitive advantage.

The wrong way to approach brand development is to research customer needs and perceptions – then do everything in your power to satisfy the customers’ needs. The problem with this method is that all your competitors have done the same thing. The result: the perception that all companies in your technology sector are the same, leaving price and incentive as the only measure of value—which is the quickest route to commoditization.

Simon Sinek takes brand development further in this talk he gave at TED: Ideas worth spreading. He challenges you to ask yourself, “Why does my company exist?”

It’s not an easy question to answer. Everyone knows how and what they do but few can explain why they do what they do.

Inspired leaders that understand this attract workers and clients that believe what they believe. This is brand development in its purest form. I’m not talking about your logo or website. I’m talking about having a compelling story to tell when you get an opportunity to pitch your company. Discovering your “Why” requires you to look internally at yourself, your people and your culture.

If your customers and potential customers believe in you–they’ll stay loyal to your company and become your brand ambassadors—sharing their positive opinions with colleagues and their online communities.

  • How else can a company differentiate their brand from competitors? 

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

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