Travel and Blogging: Secrets to Success for Technology Marketing on the Go

Consistency is key for blogging success, and creating a travel plan to stay on top of posts is just as important as sticking to an in-office plan.

Nothing is stressed more highly than “consistency” when discussing social media and blogging success. Consistent posting increases your SEO, impresses your readers with your reliability, and improves your reputation as a real-time company that is dedicated to bringing value to your readers.

Your next step in blogging success will be conquering the time you’re away from your desk. Below are a few simple suggestions for how to blog successfully when at a conference, when visiting clients, or when vacation appears on your calendar.

  1. Be an overachiever. Put aside some time one or two weeks before your trip to write an extra post or two. Take this opportunity to highlight issues you may be facing or to perform an industry overview. Keep in mind that it is easy to fall behind in writing during your busy days, so when you have the open time, take advantage of it.
  2. Find your blogging “zone.” Travel can be pretty hectic, so do yourself and your blog a favor by setting aside time during the day to write, no matter where that might be. Is there a time during the day you typically write, say, the morning before work picks up? Even if it means grabbing coffee 30 minutes earlier than you’d like, your audience will thank you for your dedication.
  3. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Reduce your stress of staying on schedule by reusing past ideas (you may have new insight on a topic you spoke previously about that you want to discuss or pass along), or even recycling some of your draft files from half-written posts. A successful blogger isn’t strictly driven by an editorial calendar. Having more ideas than time to post will help you be more selective and provide for you when you are feeling behind.
  4. Give your audience some face-time. Add some variety to your blog by publishing a video. If you’re at a conference, try to plan an interview with certain people, or produce an impromptu production. The idea being you post from the conference, rather than wait till you get back to the office.

While this may just sound like another task on your to-do list, providing your readers this level of value even when out of office will strengthen your relationship with them, and help to create potential leads. There’s no better company than the one that puts their clients first, and your readers will recognize that.

  • Do you have your own blogging secrets to success? How else can you successfully blog on-the-go?

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