Utilize Storytelling as an Effective Tactic for Technology Marketing

Captivate your prospects and potential clients by connecting with them on an emotional level.

In order to sell your technology product or service you need to connect with your potential clients and prospects. No longer is the strategy based solely on what the product or service does and how it helps them. They want to relate to it; they want to feel a connection to it. Marketing today means focusing more on the customers’ opinion and experience, than on selling something.

You do this through storytelling. Haven’t you found it easier to relate to someone when they tell you about an experience they had? Interacting through stories makes it much easier to understand, makes the conversation much more compelling, and captivates the listeners on a much more emotional level.

Lou Hoffman’s infographic, Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak, shows a true comparison between the effectiveness of using storytelling and using corporate speak to connect with an “audience.” Storytelling is intriguing, and it’s a two-way conversation. Corporate speak can feel mundane, and is only one-way.

Jeffery Cohen’s article, 4 Ways to Use Storytelling for B2B Social Media, did an excellent job of summarizing how storytelling can be utilized in marketing. I have included below three ways storytelling can be used in technology marketing based on Cohen’s main uses of storytelling.

  1. Company History. The technology industry is booming. And what would be more interesting than hearing how your company got started, or how you came up with the idea for your product or service? Rather than just telling your customers what you do, or what your product or service does, tell them about the motivation and the enlightenment behind it. A much stronger emotional connection will be made.
  2. Customer Success. We have the ability to post our experiences, good and bad, about practically anything, from a hotel you stayed at on vacation, to a new cutting-edge product you bought. Others base their buying decisions off this feedback. So tell your potential clients and prospects about a positive experience one of your customers had. They will be more inclined to do business with you if they have heard others’ success.
  3. Employee Activities. What better way to connect on an emotional level than by giving your company personality? People don’t want to interact with a company, they want to interact with a person; so tell stories about your employees and the experiences they had in the office. People can relate very easily to that.

History has clearly shown us that storytelling has been a natural part of our lives. So isn’t it obvious that you should be using it in your technology marketing?

Lou Hoffman’s Infographic: Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak

Jeffery Cohen’s article: 4 Ways to Use Storytelling for B2B Social Media

Photo Credit: Jill Clardy via photo pin cc

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