Why SlideShare is Perfect for Technology Marketing

B2B marketers can put this tool to really good use as a hub for their content.

SlideShare is the world’s largest professional content (presentations, documents and videos) sharing community.

  • It is one of the top 150 sites on the web.
  • It has 60 million visitors a month.
  • It has 3 billion slide views a month (1,149 slides viewed per second!)

With content marketing becoming the top B2B marketing program, SlideShare is a vital tool to any strategy in technology marketing.

Here are seven reasons why you should be using SlideShare for your technology content:

  1. Highly shareable and embeddable – it is as simple as uploading a video to YouTube and even easier to embed the code on blogs. That means you can quickly take the content you provide on SlideShare and connect it to other media platforms, so your content can quickly spread!
  2. It offers you visibility – posting presentations on a presentations platform will only make your content easier to find. Go where people are looking for your content, don’t wait for them to come to you.
  3. You can build inbound links – you will be able to send people to the right information quickly and easily by embedding links to your SlideShare content on other platforms.
  4. You can collect leads – SlideShare’s software can allow for lead generation, so you can easily gather contact information for people interested in your content. Now the information and expertise you have provided about the industry, generating credibility, creates the perfect segway into a possible client.
  5. Your content can be downloadable – being about to download content will help it spread because now your information and branding is always on there computer sitting on their desk, etc. Now you have become a reference.
  6. Make your brand sizzle – SlideShare allows you to be creative without losing focus. This means including your company brand with the content, adding graphics, charts and infographics to content, etc. Content on this platform can almost be more interesting if there is a creative aspect to it.
  7. Showcase work in LinkedIn – SlideShare and LinkedIn have a close relationship, so it is easy to re-purpose the content between the two.

If you work in the technology industry, have a passion for excelling the industry, want companies to take advantage of your services, and have valuable information to provide, you should be using SlideShare.

  • When was the last time you used Slideshare? What did you use it for? How useful was Slideshare during your experience?


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